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  • Duddy Do Duddy Do Jun 30, 2006 14:05 Flag

    Alonso blaming MS and Ferrari for the 2005 Indianapolis debacle?

    Wow, with only F1 championship under his name, Alonso thinks he is the Boss in F1.Blaming Ferrari and MS for his tyre supplier inability to provide Renault and the other Michelin teams with the needed type of tire to compete at Indy. What has gone into his head ? Passing the blame to Ferrari and MS and telling everybody that he did not want points but to entertain fans. Then, they should have continue with the race and slow down on that corner.

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    • Farrari WERE to blame for the debacle.

      At the time, every other team agreed to the chicane being put in place, and the other two teams who raced did so beacause of a whispering campaign that was started (no doubt by Ferrari) that the other of the two teams would break the ageement and race to get championship points.

      If you cast your mind back to the time when Williams Renault were the top team, you'll remember that they had a number of technological advantages over Ferrari (mainly traction control and launch control). What happended - Mr (F1) Eccleston decided that these things should be banned to even up the races - they were subsequently re-introduced once Ferrari had developed their own systems.

      ...and now, Renault have had another technological advance banned because Ferrari don't have it.

      Why was none of Farrari's technology not banned when they were the top team in recent years???

      I'll tell you why - Mr Eccleston loves farrari.

      He was once asked before a race who he wanted to win, and he said "I don't mind as long as it's a Ferrari".

      Farrari have long been on their own (with Mr Eccleston up their #$%$) with all the other teams in agreement with each other.

      So don't start trying to tell me that Ferrari are not to blame for anything in F1.

      Remember #$%$-makker running off title contenders on several occasions and getting away with it??

      I don't count any of his titles as wins because they were handed to him by Eccleston and his Ferrari bum-chums.

    • wot most ppl dont know is that when ferrari had a similar problem and wanted a chicane they werent allowed but they still raced

    • he'll blame every1 if things dont go his way..he even blamed fisi for not helping him to win races...he even blamed renault team for not giving the best support he needs...recently blaming michelin tyres for not able have any podium finishes....hello kimi too was using michelin and finished 3rd with 3 pit stops!!!At times do wonder will alonse will ever manage to get fifth place if he were placed at pit stop area to start his race?????question to ponder with

    • This is too funny, only today on another site, MS is blamining every one but himself for his lack of pace so far this season, whilst in an article here he says of Alonso. . . .

      ''You'd rather pin it on somebody else because that is the easier option.''

      a bit of projection there i think MS. . .