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  • andy andy Sep 13, 2006 15:39 Flag

    Is F1 going to the dogs?

    id like to see a formula with no regualtaions at all. fastest way to to get round the track wins.
    could never happen of course, since the driver is the weak point in the modern era, as far as going round corners is concerned, which is what F1 is about, and you need regulations to make it safe to drive (or do you?)unfortunately regulations cover everything from safety to quality and equality of racing to whether the car looks "ugly".
    they never seem to get it right in F1, and never really have. grooved tyres are a joke, the constant fiddling with the engine never achieves anything. they banned sideskirts in f1, but they were still used in the american series, and ground effect is now 75% of the cars grip in F1 anyway. just imagine back in jakie stewart's day if they said "those big wing things look a bit crap, and they make the car go too fast in a corner. get rid of em"
    they have made a formula that relies on aerodynamic grip by eroding the machnical grip and power to slow the cars down for safety. unfortunately aerodynamics dont work when you are close behind another car, especially when the car infront is using the same air for its own grip. hense no overtaking. it was inevitable. just need to ban pitstops again and it will all be over.
    however, i think the engine freeze will turn out to be a good thing to be honest. in the past half the field have used the same engine and nobody was complaining. in fact its probably that which gave us all those glorious races everyone remembers(?)
    as i understand it the development freeze will only cover performance (ie revs, bhp) so there will still be improvements in reliability and efficiency for the technology trickle down theorists.
    as for ferrari, just listen to shumi... i hope to contiune working with "our friends" ....i love being part of "the family" ... hmmmm?