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  • Brian Brian Aug 25, 2006 06:02 Flag

    your voting is a joke!!

    What is going on here. This Yahoo page is one of the only places that I can get any F1 news...little as it may be...and there is this voting as to who will win the F1 championship this year. Well all I can say is who in the hell is voting for Kimi???? He is now officially out of contention, so why is his name still there? He has not been a factor most of the year yet people still vote for him. Alonso has been in first all year long but there is no love for the man?? I am NOT an Alonso fan but people come on!!! I am still hoping Schumi comes out on top and caps his wonderful career off with a championship.....one more!! I have respect for Alonso and Renault for the domination that they have had the last two years, outstanding the last few races. So let me know if you feel the same as me.....do you think it is time to pull this vote off of the webpage or just leave it up.

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