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  • im getting sick of everyone calling schumacher a cheat u all look at monaco oh he done that on purpose but id like to see any of you lose control going into that corner which is more of a 3 corner turn bear in mind how far these cars travel in a sec n get round that corner.
    so with that in mind the renaults have been breaking the rules since 2005 with this mass damper in the front of the car they are the real cheats and should be strip of their 2005 world titles and hav their points strip of them this season but cos it aint FERRARI they will get away with it so #$%$ bernie ecclestone and the fia bout time they all #$%$ off 2gether n new ppl came in n took over

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    • The mass damper system should be allowed - it's a technological advance and not actually against the rules that were in place at the time. A ruling has subsequently been made to get it taken off Renault.

      I can't remember the last time a Ferrari technological advance was subsequently banned - they are allowed almost anything and Eccleston tells the other teams they must catch up. When someone else gets something first, it's banned until Ferrari develop their own system.

      Just wait until Ferrari have it - it will meraculously be allowed and the FIA will make out it's because Renault wanted to use it.

      If you want to talk about taking titles off drivers, I'd take every one of Scum-makkers that he got at Ferrari because he only won them due to drastic rule changes every season until Williams Renault were dragged down below Ferrari.

      It stinks, and YES - you're right Mr (Ferrari) Eccleston and his cronies should go - the sport should be run by a panel from the competing teams who should have one vote each on all decisions.

      See how long Ferrari last then !!