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  • Daedalus Daedalus Sep 10, 2006 20:18 Flag

    Alonso = biggest crybaby in F1

    Alonso is the most pathetic racer in F1 history, yes even more pathetic than Villeneuve.

    He cries about getting pushed back 5 places in qualifying and that its not a sport to him anymore, when Schumacher was screwed over 100 times worse in Monaco by a Spanish steward and Schumacher didn't cry because he is a real man and a real racer.

    All you Alsonso fans don't forget your skirt and panty hose when you go out.

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    • Can I point out Massa gained from the 'slipsteam' efffect of being behind Alonso's car. Massa then made the mistake of trying to use his usual breaking point at the turn which won't work if you've been slipstreaming thus he lost time. The thing is apparently Ferrari din't even complaint - Charles Whitting did...and he's suppose to be unbias. It was only then that Ferrari complained about Alonso 'actions'.

      The problem with Monaco-gate is that if the Ferrari had hit the barrier (thus damaging the car) then there would have been no investigation because it wiould have seen as a rare driver error by Schumacher. However it didn't and because Michael stalled the engine an investigation happaned. If it had been Alonso he would have hit the barrier or if he didn't he wouldn't stall the engine. Also if you look at all who slammed Schumacher who didn't? Oh wait Alonso!

    • No, it's not true!
      Alonso is right when he tell about FIA in a so hard way!
      He has a very big potentiality and he'll be the future of Formula one.
      In the next season he will win another title without fight like these 2 years and he will make great a car not reliable at moment (McLaren).
      You'll see and after return here and talk about it!

    • I agree with you. Every great driver in any series does not become a champion by whinning, he proves the people by einning races not by running off his mouth about the sport or his team mates. Alonso should learn how to behave like a champion

    • I agree the recent race which schumacher wins, ALonzo again blaming his team of not supporting him to get the championship and new news that he is blaming the tire manufacturer for not creating a best tire for the circuit, I think on next race if he beaten again i think he may blame the GOLBAL WARMING ............ good Day

    • What are you saying??
      you're completely wrong. Schumacher is a bad loser and he has been showing it the uncountable times he cheats. I suppose you must be one of the thousands of the fans of ferrari that are blind with Schumacher only because they have been winning for a long time with all their cheats.
      Alonso is the best and he has shown it because of his ability, and even more with rain, when the best drivers show themselves more.
      And something else, alonso is right when he says f1 is not a sport because the money is more important than a driver's habilities.
      Maybe Schumacher will win, i don't know that, but if he does it will be because of the cheats he and his team had been doing during all the season.
      for me, he will always be the seventh time world champion, not the eight and the most cheater driver of the history.
      if you are angry and you pay it with alonso it's because you know inside your heart that even that Schumacher wins, he wouldn't have deserved it

    • Your thread is the worst thread I ever read!
      Absurd! Ridiculous!
      Alonso deserves this championship and FIA makes rules against him and for favour MSC!
      Don't joke!

    • Not a chance try ferrari when a team has something they do not also JENSON BUTTON when things don't go his way he has a cry and wants to change team again !

    • One week before China and it's been reported that Alonso is already throwing his hand up to wave at a back-marker.

      1/4 mile behind a back-marker and he starts waving as if the driver is right infront of him!

      The guy's a loon!


    • absolutely.....in monaco, schumacher improved from 22nd on the grid finishing 5th, while last week alonso improved from 10th to only 5th. he is also very selfish if you remember his comments after becoming champion last year

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      • Agreed! One championship under his belt and Alonso considers himself untouchable to other drivers. In the drivers meeting inTurkey he was whinning because other drivers wouldnt get out of his way like they do Schuey. If the greats such as Clark and Hill could see Alonsos unprofessional attitude towards the sport Im sure they would be outraged. Regardless whether you think Schumacher and Ferrari have the advantage on F1 because Mosley, Brawn, and Montemozolo are drinking buddies is irrelevant to the arrogance of Alonsos position publicly since his championship title.

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