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  • Jose Jose Sep 10, 2006 21:28 Flag

    Alonso = biggest crybaby in F1

    Schumacher didnt cry in Monaco because he very well knew he was guilty.
    Alonso was beating his own times trying to cross the line when he supposedly blocked Massa.
    He is absolutely right. F1 can't be considered a sport anymore. Rules are being bent in the interest of Ferrari and Michael as a goodbye gift. Now THAT is pathetic.

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    • Quote jm_ameyugo - "Rules are being bent in the interest of Ferrari and Michael as a goodbye gift."

      What rules are you talking about? The rules set in 2004 - 2005 which changed the F1 cars almost fondamentally ? Many new rules and car regulations were set 1-2 year ago, with the only purpose to NERF Ferrari`s supremacy in F1. A pilot/car ( Schumacher/Ferrari ) that wins 13 races in a season is not good for anyone... but was it Schumacher/Ferrari`s fault that the other teams couldnt keep up ? Yet, we never heard Schumacher/Ferrari complain about that(unlike Flavio Briatore/Alonso that cant even accept a rightfull decision)

      Just for a second please imagine, if it had been Michael Schumacher holding up Alonso, and not Alonso holding up Massa... Now please give me your honest answer - wouldnt you have said that Schumacher was rightly punished ? Renault/Alonso would've wanted him to go to the back of the grid. and surely Schumacher would have been punished (like he got punished at Monaco).

      Then again another example, lets imagine if it was Alonso parking the car in Monaco and not Schumacher. Alonso gets punished and starts at the back of the grid. - Now, tell me wouldnt you have said this sport is corrupted ??

      Schumacher tries to cheat in Monaco - he gets punished.
      Schumacher overtakes during qualifing under a yellow flag in Hungary - he gets punished for that.

      Why is it so surprising that Alonso gets punished for holding up Massa?
      Are you weare that Massa set the fastest 1st sector time, only for Alonso to screw up Massa`s best effort?

      Alonso was 100 meters ahead and there`s no way he could have affected Massa`s final lap time - Do you have a clue at what 100 meters at 270kmh mean ???

    • I like posts like this because they 100% prove how pathetic Alonso is and by association his fans.


    • What the hell is going on? I simply like to say F1 doe sreally suck becasue with the new engine freeze - Ferarri have clearly got the car - now the other teams have not perefected their enginge yet i.e Honda so why bother with it- cleary F1 might as Well be called - Formula Scuderia Ferrari cos over the past few years it has been very biased to ferrari - ferrrari never got banned for new technology whereas other teams who developed them got penalized or banned from using them until ferrari invented one - to be honest with ya - Ferrari probs pay the FIA to let them win or pay every steward a couple of hundred thousadn pounds/ euros.

      First of all - I think F1 is now being ridicoulous with the new regs on engine freeze, engine for two races, only 7 sets of tyre per weekend etc...

      And now to Alonso Vs Schumacher

      Alonso - great new young talent Vs Schumacher - experienced - 6 world titles skill driver - I mean when schumacher first came out and start to win races - he wasn;t punished as much as this - surely if Max Mosely wants to help out Schumacher - he might as well say - well tough luck alonso - all races are cancelled and that schumacher has won all races - it's simple - schumacher and alonso both have skill and talent - why not just let them battle it out themselves- rather than serving winnings on dish for schumacher - this is a scandal and favouritism have been involved too. The monza stewards being Ferari fans would have obviously dished out something against alonso and renault anyway but it would simply be a measure of how much and when -All I will say is

      So again I will say:

      'F1 use to be great then but now? it's more like watching govermnent politics on wheels along with a serving of daylight robbery of our hard earned cash and providing us with cheapskate racing entertainment on a sunday afternoon'

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      • The engine freeze is lame, but mercedes, renault both have performance equal to ferrari.

        Alonso is just basically a cry baby pussy. He is immature and young and he is being matched by Briatore who is a old coot. He won't do well at Mercedes and will end up pulling a Villeneuve and never accomplish jack after leaving the renault powered team.