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  • carmen carmen Oct 1, 2006 16:50 Flag

    Alonso = biggest crybaby in F1

    What are you saying??
    you're completely wrong. Schumacher is a bad loser and he has been showing it the uncountable times he cheats. I suppose you must be one of the thousands of the fans of ferrari that are blind with Schumacher only because they have been winning for a long time with all their cheats.
    Alonso is the best and he has shown it because of his ability, and even more with rain, when the best drivers show themselves more.
    And something else, alonso is right when he says f1 is not a sport because the money is more important than a driver's habilities.
    Maybe Schumacher will win, i don't know that, but if he does it will be because of the cheats he and his team had been doing during all the season.
    for me, he will always be the seventh time world champion, not the eight and the most cheater driver of the history.
    if you are angry and you pay it with alonso it's because you know inside your heart that even that Schumacher wins, he wouldn't have deserved it