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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 13, 2006 08:28 Flag

    Tv ratings make F1 a joke.

    Surely f1 has become a total joke there is no sport in it anymore just stupid regulations,cheats and tv ratings.
    bring back the 1980's when drivers were drivers and the racing was as it should be.

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    • Back in the 1980's it was exciting now it is all tv ratings and pro ferrari fia rules,rule changes every season why doesnt the fia go with what worked well back then and do away with refuling go back to slick tyres and allow as much down force as the teams wish also get back to the old style qualifying when it all had to happen in the 1 hour on two days this knock out is so dull stop this engine must last to races and get back to basics there are far to many joke rules !!

    • rose tinted nonsense. i remember the 80s, 3 races in one. 3 litre non turbos in one, 1.5 turbo non hondas in another and the honda turbos in the real one. everyone had tons of cash from the tobacco companies (oh yes so much better now everyone sponsored by booze companies.. smoking and driving is the scourge of our times is it not?) and people would watch anything that was put in front of them.
      i think most real motorsport fans lost hope in f1 in the 90s with all the electronic #$%$ preprogammed gear changes, preprogrammed active suspension etc. the regulations that people complain about are what got rid of that in the interests of the sport.
      i think eccleston has just never forgiven them for banning his fan cars.