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  • andy andy Sep 16, 2006 23:15 Flag

    FIA ruling fiasco continues...

    "FIA race director Charlie Whiting has written to all eleven Formula One teams outlining a revision of the blocking rules..."
    "We now feel it is pointless for the stewards to engage in long and painstaking enquiries if competitors ignore clear scientific evidence and instead abuse the regulator,"

    this, we presume is the telemetry data that mosley referred to on the grid, showing massa losing traction in the parabolica, and the renault teams #$%$ about the decision. the FIA sound pretty upset, so how are they going to deal with it?.....

    "Only in cases where it appears to race control that there has been a clear and deliberate attempt to impede another driver will the stewards be asked to intervene,"

    so basically they are changing the rules to ones that would have meant making the decision renault would have wanted. or rather ones that would have allowed them to not have to make a decision in the first place (as would have been the case had ferrari not been able to make a complaint to the stewards.)
    what sort of copout #$%$ is that? sounds to me like they are getting all passive/aggressive about having to admit they got it wrong.

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    • From what I heard, Ferrari didn't even make fill in an offical complaint! Whiting (who is suppose to be unbias) did, thus the stewards had to investigate (as thier job dictates) and only then did Massa begin to b*tch about Alonso.

      Nearly the whole paddock agree that Massa gained from tucking behind Alonso but when he tried to use his usual breaking point it backfired. Which is how he lost time at the parabolica.

      When the first driver comes to complain about another driver FIA should use a combination of telemetry and onboard camera footage from both cars. That way they can make more an acurate judgement.