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  • I agree- JV once said he would never go below the belt in order to win, and he never did. Schumacher cheated repeatedly and it has tarnished his reputation beyond repair. If you don't drive within the rules created for F1, you aren't an F1 driver.

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    • As well as that my friend, We all have 2agree that shumacher would never have acheaved what he did with out the HELP he made sure he's team mates gave him over the years???

    • Japan 97. Jacques Villeneuve deliberately ignored waved yellow flags telling him that there was great danger ahead ( in this case marshals trackside dealing with an incident) and slow considerably. Prepare to take evasive action including stopping if nessacary. He ignored those flags and he admitted it as well by saying the yellow sector was on a straight and he could see no danger apart from the marshals working trackside.

      Ignoring flags is the biggest and most dangerous form of cheating in motorsport. Villeneuve should have been given a lengthy ban and a massive fine. He was not worthy of the 97 DWC. Jacques Villeneve has a history of ignoring flag/ light signals. I am glad he is out of F1. I would not be happy working a race in which he was driving because of his cavalier attitude to the flags