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  • Firstly I'd like to point out that when Villeneuve parted company with Williams, he was sacked and did not want to go. Afterwards, egged on by his avaricious manager Craig Pollock, he went for as much money as possible at BAR, the team being run by the same man! Of course, as a driver's manager, Pollock took a cut of Villeneuve's earnings. But at the same time, as team principal, he was deciding how much to pay his drivers! A conflict of interest is plain to see.

    Now as to whether Villeneuve could have matched Schumacher... Out on the circuit at any one time my belief is that 30-40% of the drivers were at least equal to Schmucker. The difference was that they did not have his influence off the track. That is where he won so many (if not ALL) of his championships. So, yes and no. Villeneuve was the equal of MS in the car but to win so many titles required underhand tactics which fortunately for those of us interested in sporting competition, neither Villeneuve nor any other driver will ever match.

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