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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 4, 2006 18:05 Flag

    Alonzo always blaming something or someone if he not won the race

    Every ALonzo beats by someone or specially Michael Schumacher he always blames the set up the FIA, his Tires, recently he blmaes his team for not helping him in the championship poor guy !, now his blaming his tire manufacturer.....

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    • I agree absolutely, Reden. Fortunately, at this early stage in his career, with just one (1) crown tucked under his belt, Alonso is already showing profound weakness and vulnerability in dealing with his inner demons and emotional instability, which if a true champ conquers, define his true value and capability to reign and command the respect and accolades of fans all over the world. Sadly indeed, Alonso cannot be trusted as he speaks with a forked tongue when he claims that some in the Renault organization do not want him to win but on the other retracts that no one is to blame. Heres your man, Ron Dennis!

    • And I think he's right!
      He has a great potential but without a good car (and tyres) and a serious team he can't win.

      He deserves this title and his team doesn't support him, Briatore is an IDIOT cause he doesn't like Alonso leaves Renault and reach McLaren, this is the truth!

      No comment about FIA!
      At first, Alonso and FIA were in love because BRIATORE and FIA are (now too) in love, after Alonso decided to split up, Briatore is angry coz he miss a great champion and a great driver (Alonso, this is the real motivation) and FIA too!

      reden90210, you wrote Alonso is a poor guy, I think he's a champion, last season he showed it!

    • and he is all right!!! he is the only one who dares saying the truth, and he's being critizised for that!! he's the best and if he doesn't win it wont be his fault because his team doesn't support him

    • Braking news...... now he is blaming Fisichela for overtaking him in China

    • Seems like you`re 100% correct, Reden90210.

      I just found this at www.eurosport.com

      "Alonso finished second in China after two tyre blunders left him behind his rival Michael Schumacher and saw his two-point championship lead wiped out.

      And afterwards, his comments to a Spanish TV station led to suggestions that the mistakes of fitting an unsuitable set of front tyres, and then cross-threading a wheel-nut, could have been deliberate.

      Alonso told Telecino: "The team are all disappointed, apart from those who don't want to the number one to go to McLaren (when he joins them next year)."

      Personaly, I dont think that a part of the Renaul crew doesnt want him to win the title... I think that some Ferrari personel, infiltrated into Renaul`s pitstop crew stealing their uniforms and did the "sabotage work" :P

      He should have blamed Ferrari, FIA, Schumacher as always... I never thought he would come to the point of accusing his own team.

    • i`m not aware of Alonso blaming anyone for the last race`s drama. i couldnt watch the after-race press conference of any other interview he may have given.

      But if he has to blame someone... he can only blame himself for being the only driver in the park that screwed up his rare-tyres, while all the other drivers didnt have to change their rare-tyres untill the 2nd pit stop.

    • AND his teammate!!! Poor Fizzy, he's such a nice guy and to have such a loser as a teammate that blames him now when things go wrong!