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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 5, 2006 07:12 Flag

    Alonzo always blaming something or someone if he not won the race

    And I think he's right!
    He has a great potential but without a good car (and tyres) and a serious team he can't win.

    He deserves this title and his team doesn't support him, Briatore is an IDIOT cause he doesn't like Alonso leaves Renault and reach McLaren, this is the truth!

    No comment about FIA!
    At first, Alonso and FIA were in love because BRIATORE and FIA are (now too) in love, after Alonso decided to split up, Briatore is angry coz he miss a great champion and a great driver (Alonso, this is the real motivation) and FIA too!

    reden90210, you wrote Alonso is a poor guy, I think he's a champion, last season he showed it!