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  • John John Oct 4, 2006 23:49 Flag

    True Champ?!?

    Recently I have read many news articles and have seen many ridiculous comments from defending champ Alonso. Ever since he became champ last year, he became arrogant, inconsiderated, ignorant. 2006 season is not over and he started to throw flames on his OWN team and his OWN teammate for not helping him. Even though I am not a fan of Renault, but I really feel for them to even have a young brat like that in the team.

    Although I am not a fan of M.S, at least from his behaviors in and outside the race tracks, he is mature. Even there are many critics related to his driving behaviors, after this season I start to respect him actually and too bad he has to retire this year.

    What does it take to become a true champ? Not just points, but other characteristics would be considered too, otherwise one will just be a "name" in a list. Nobody would ever tell about it years later. Keep your clown show up, Alonso, you'll probably be the most unpopular champ in the world. Get MATURE!

    Best Luck to Kimi and Fisi, stay away from the brat hot shot Alonso. Good luck Mercedes for getting him into your team.

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    • I could see Alonso eating himself after the last China GP (2006) during the Press Con.
      Try to put yourself in his position. He's being ripped off his glory by Schumacher. It's a torture.
      U can say that Schumacher stole his thunder and Alonso is sooo #$%$ off by this! Heheheee