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  • Me Me Mar 30, 2007 08:01 Flag


    Have had the pleasure of meeting Hobbs, Varsha and Windsor various years at the USGP. All very personable and knowledgeable, though I have to say Peter is likely the most enjoyable. Sure as hell beats the crap out of the Derek Daly broadcast team for the domestic network broadcasts (NBC or CBS or whomever it was).

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    • Murray Walker was the greatest F1 commentator ever. He put his whole heart and soul into his commentries. It didn't matter to him that he got things wrong, in fact it did matter to us that he got things wrong because they were so funny and so memorable. Can anyone remember anything any other commentator has said that is as memorable a Murray Comment such as "That car is unique appart from the car behind which is identical" Long Live Murray Walker. ITV give him some guest spots please.