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  • ANDREW ANDREW Oct 12, 2006 00:36 Flag

    Predictions for interlagos(Brazil)

    So what do you think is going to happen at interlagos. A few things to think about here....

    Will the FIA try to do something to stop Alonso from taking the point he needs to win back to back titles?
    Will Schumi try and nudge Alonso off the track so he doesn't finish?
    Will Alonso succumb to the temptation of doing a kamikazi job on Schumi? Remember if neither finishes Alonso wins the title and then Fisichella only needs two points for Renault to win the constructors title....

    I feel something strange is going to happen, just don't know what.

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    • Fisichella is a bad guy!!!!How can Shumi win???

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      • Well nothing dirty happened yesterday so my fears were unfounded. Schumi had a great race despite the set backs, a race to remember. Just goes to show how good he really is. I'm glad he's gone now maybe there will be some competition in the sport now. Not even Fernando Alonso, who will be the only active world champion left driving in the sport, is guaranteed to win due to his move to McClaren. They were definiately up and down all season with no chance of winning any races. Can't wait for next season to start to see how FA does...

    • I agree with you...something weird will happen with this one. If Eddie Irvine were still Schumancher's teammate (and he was the best one Michael had), we'd know what'd happen and who'd get the constructor's title. Don't know about Massa pulling it off. I am sure Michael wants to finish his career with a podium though. So many variables with who will finish the season top 5 in points, and you never know with F1 what will happen until the checkered flag drops.

    • Shu will announce that he's not really retiring and do the
      "Barbra Streisand" or "Mark Martin (Nascar)" return thing.

      Both will crash out in the first turn. I hope. :-)

    • I think Alonso will win the race and MSC will go out because he will drive on edge!

      And Alonso will be the WORLD CHAMPION just another time!

    • None of that will happen. Despite all of the conspiracy theories that the posters talk about, these guys are not going to run into each other. All the whining and speculating by internet posters about Schumacher and Alonso is completely insane. You may complain about Alonso because he is a bit of a whiner, perhaps he is but he is an incredible racer and that "whining" is part of his emotional approach to racing. You don't have those results without being great. And if you diss Schumi as only winning because he cheats, you have a completely ignorant understanding of Formula 1. It is possible to maybe bend some rules to eek out a win in 2 or 3 races in a career (even though you would still have to be close to the race leader already to do so). But the guy has won 91 races. 91. That is skill. You cannot discount 91 wins. No one else has come close. Even the disaster at Monaco quali, people forget that he was currently leading. It is not like he parked the car in quali and went from 22nd to 1st magically. Enough about piling on Schumacher and Alonso. Fernando is a solid driver and for anyone to say that Schumacher is not the greatest F1 driver so far is being a bit disingenuous. Enough conspiracy theories, these guys are pros. In comparison to these guys, we are tiny little ants.

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      • You're right about one thing - Alonso will not crash into Shoomakker to win the title, he has more class than that.

        If the situations were reversed, we all know exactly what would happen - and before you all start crying about this comment saying "you can't know that" I'll refer you to what has happened in the past.

        Shoomakker is a PROVEN cheat.

      • Great post Letomatic.

      • ok someone is finally speaking some sense here. alonso and schumi are both excellent drivers with serious skills. alonso may be a bit hot-headed, but so what? can't you show some emotion in the heat of battle? and schumacher has built an empire around himslef, but he did that with his personal charisma and driving skill. both of these guys are worthy of being champions. however, i do hope the FIA and teams can agree on some fair cost-cutting measures so the field can be opened up more to other drivers and teams.