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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 21, 2006 14:57 Flag

    Will Shu really retire?

    I will be really amazed that MS will give up
    F1 racing while still being the top driver today.
    Alonzo is very good, but Shu is still there with
    the new hot guns in F1. I doubt he'll call it
    quits. Does he know when to call it quits?

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    • Are you really trying to be depressing?

    • I also had that question in my mind couple of weeks earlier. Well obviously after what he pulled out from the pandorras box this season its ridiculous why he's retiring. But now its the universal truth and frankly speaking he has let himself and his fans down after taking such a decision. I had a feeling that he has done it in order to secure Felipe Massa's future and that's really great of him but why take a decision that's too costly. It's a pity that we die hard fans of Michael will not be able to see him in the prancing horse anymore with his red uniform on.But then again he has given so much to us in all these years we'll never forget him. Thanks MICHAEL. AU REVOIR.

    • We'll all find out tomorrow! I am still in disbelief that this is his last race...as I'm sure many are. I certainly thought he'd do a "retirement tour" for his final season. My concern is for the sport itself, not having a "leader" as Schumacher has been, to generate fans and interest in F1...especially here in the U.S. Perhaps Alonso (assuming he wins his 2nd championship tomorrow) will be that person, but it will be very difficult to find another Michael Schumacher!! He is definitely a legend in the sport and always will be.