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    Does Schumacher deserve critics or sympathy?

    A great deal of talking has been going on after Michael decided to retire. Many people including former F1 drivers had been criticising Michael for his early years in F1 when he made out some unfair moves to win his titles.My point is why should they be talking about topics that are long gone. Why see the past when the present is in front? It's because of Michael that F1 is this much popular across the world. He has sacrificed 16 years of his life in providing entertainment to motorsport fans. He has taken F1 to such height that no other sport can reach well at least that's what I think. Maybe now its time that the flurry of critics should stop and the world of motorsport gives the best ever F1 driver a farewell that he deserves.

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    • MS after what happened again in Hungary deserves nothing more than his F1 License withdrawn for ever. He almost screwed FA two races ago and now it was RB's turn. Someone sooner or later is going to get hurt very seriously because of MS's wreckless criminal actions.

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      • What? Why take his license? just because he refused to step out of Rubens' way? That's what a driver should do! Fight, defend and attack when he can. Why doom him? For showing everybody what should be done on a circuit? F1 used to be a sport, drivers should be there to fight! Senna fought, Prost fought, all big drivers did it! F1 is not about drivers letting one another pass! Do we really want a sport where all the overtaking consists on "easy team-moves" like the Massa-Alonso incident and the ones involving lapped cars?

        Come on, let's face it - Michael was defending his position. He's there to fight - he's always been, and don't forget - at the end of the straight line he pulled aside so that there was room for 2 cars there. Criminal indeed!

        Did anyone sacked Vettel for the move on Webber earlier this season - I'd say it was just as "crazy". Or it was less insane just because it was a battle for the top spot and then it was ok.

        and btw, what were you saying about the British GP? I don't think MSC and FA were anywhere near each other on track... FA hit Massa, had a problem with Kubica... hm... not Michael... they were a little too far from each other...

    • complette #$%$Michael used every trick in the book to win. He made sure the team mgave him sole use of the best equipment and that his team mate protected him whilst not being allowed to compete.iF YOU TAKE OUT ALL THE OPPOSITION, ARE YOU REALLY WINNNG ?. No you are not.Michael is a typical German who wants it all his way wihtout having to compete on an even plane. Remember he took out Damon Hill to take the championship. What a cheat, no other word for him.Having competed on motor cycles for over 30 years at a high level I never asked for nor received any favor nor did any competitor I know of from all those years. If you are really good enough really you do not have to cheat. Retire Michael and let real competitors continue without your smarmy face revolting us on live tv.

      David Haydenf

    • QUOTE: "My point is why should they be talking about topics that are long gone. Why see the past when the present is in front?"

      Best thing I've heard in ages - Shoomakker is in the past, so lets all move on and look forward to next season.

      Will Alonso make it 3 in a row, or can Button forge ahead?


    • Former drivers who have criticised him with the exeption of Jacky Stewart in their days were mainly out of the points drivers, Rosberg won a world title winning two GP,hardly sensetional! And for the criticism he received from Jenson Botton, well here's a driver who has been discarded by Renault in favour of Trulli and Fisichella! Say no more.