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  • carmen carmen Oct 24, 2006 18:41 Flag

    Alonso champion again

    Alonso has shown he is the best f1 driver right now and that he can win in spite all the problems he had during all the season. Congratulations, champion.

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    • Alonso has the crown, true, well done. But all the whining and his statement about "F1 is not a sport any more" along with Briatore's whining took a LOT of class away from them. If it's not a sport, then just give the crown to Minardi. Get out NOW and stop complaining. Then when they win all they can say is see, the best team/driver won. In a non-sport, right? Sheesh.

      Ferrari would not be what they are today without Schumi and vice versa. However, I think had Schumi stayed with Benneton cum Renault, people would not be trying to "stop Ferrari." It's all about perception, and who wins the most. And face it, in the last decade it's been Schumi no matter what. Whether or not you say he cheated, the FIA, "owners" of the sport, gave him points just like they gave Renault points. And any other driver, like Montoya, who didn't always look to be real sporting but who made it to the end in the top 8.

      And finally, hey, it's just a game. Let's not get wound up to insulting each other. Everyone gets to have their opinion. Even me!! :-)

    • at last we agree on both points.

    • By simply stating that Schu was a modern F1 genius is not dismissing the talents of other former champions. Senna, Prost, Clark, Mansell and Fangio were all greats but clearly Sch belongs at least to be in the same category. Results are whats important in sport and whilst Schu's been involved in his fair share of incidents they are completely outweighed by his brilliance in other races.

      Take Damon Hill, he might have won in 1996 but was never on the same planet as Schu in terms of pure talent. And if anything he should have held back in 1994 for a better opening after Schu had hit the wall before trying to overtake him instantly.

    • All i want to see is people like you accept that there are many other great champion drivers that have awesome telent and not just one.

    • Na, I dont hate people for Scotland....only the plain idiots. As for being clown and growing up, listen son I'm not the one calling other members here a Twat and saying whether they suck up to Schu just for applauding his achievements. If your gonna highlight issues of cheating, having the best car, underhand tactics etc then look at other drivers that fall in those categories and not just Schu.

    • Let me guess you hate all people from scotland now ? You are a clown !!! Grow up !!!

    • There wasn't until GWilson opened his mouth.

    • Is there a problem with being Scottish?

    • At that race the rain was really bad so visubility and grip will be poor. Combine that with the little that you would see even during a dry race and you end up following the tail light of the car in front.

      In the conditions of that race there was no decent spot for DC to allow Schumi to lap him. When he finally saw a chance and went to move to the side, Schumi went to do the manuver. Unfortanetly because the only thing that Schumi could see clearly was the tail light he had to guess how much room he would need and got it wrong.

      Later on in that race pretty much the same thing happened when Fisico went to overtake another driver at the exact same spot.

    • #$%$? I'm not the one from Scotland son.

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