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  • Why Why Oct 26, 2006 06:04 Flag

    Alonso champion again

    fellicarolo1949 - I couldn't agree more with you, Alonso should not be mentioned in the same breath as Shoomakker, Alonso sould be mentioned in the same breath as the greats of Formula 1.

    Alonso and Senna go together quite well.

    Shoomakker and cheat go hand in hand too, so lets all stop mentioning Alonso in the same sentence as that other guy who has just retired. It shows awful disrespect to a guy who has just won back-to-back titles without cheating.


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    • you damn #$%$ "schumi haters" better stop. especially you gwilson! i think you are from england. you hate schumi because he is german. schumi is not adolf hitler. dont dislike him because he is german. alonso is the worst, ugliest, most boring driver in F1. when he's winning he smiles, but when he losses he cries! blaming his teammates! blaming everyone except himself! what a man! Did you watch schumi at the japanese grand prix? it was obvious it was the fault of his teammates but what did he do? he thanked them, embraced them, praised them and did not even cry a single drop of tear unlike alonso who i think should not be idolized because he is unsportsmanlike unless you are a #$%$ did you watched the brazilian grand prix? did you notice how fast Schumi was? schumi was the fastest on that Interlagos track, he is the best and the greatest formula 1 driver of all time. Tiger Woods recently hailed the 37-year-old German as the world's greatest sportsman. Will I say more? he put formula1 where it is now. if not for him formula 1 is nothing compared to other races.
      Long live Michael Schumacher. Long live the greatest driver in the universe!

      read this news! if you are not a #$%$