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    Why is Senna the "gold standard"

    Is it because you were all in diapers or not even the proverbial "gleam in your father's eye" before his time in F1?

    There have been many great drivers before Senna. Many. Look to history to see who's names are still remembered and respected. It was a different time, when drivers were real men, not coddled "superstars" who can't even shop for their own groceries. Those are the drivers we should be holding our sights to.

    Why will Schumacher be remembered? Well, because Ferarri bought and paid for more championships than anyone else did, and he has a great PR team working to keep his name on your minds. I have little respect for him, but then again I know how much cheating he and Ferarri have done over the years.

    Did Moss cheat? Did Sir Jack, or even Sir Jackie? I would think yes, but not on the scale or scope of those racing today. It was more of a wink and a nod back then, and that suits me just fine.

    At least back then a great driver in a mediocre car could still win championships.

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    • are you not a romantic iam sure their was under the table deals done than as well ...........
      besides that ii think the reaon senna is termed as the great is because he is prob. the first so called superstar

    • Nice to see another person knows the truth about Schmucker. I also agree with you about Senna, the previous bully. But for any standard to be valid to those with an interest, that standard needs to be known and so will always be a contemporary, rather than historic figure.

      So those who are older have a greater choice of standard. For anyone under 30, the era of Senna, Prost, Mansell and Piquet is as for back as they can get for a standard.

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      • Schu and Senna might have been racing bullys but so what? Is it because they were head and shoulders above the Brits that you lot are so jealous? Or maybe that they actaully brought excitement into a sport and ruined your Sunday nap infront of the TV. As for the truth about Schu, ever read the story where he gave £5m to charity for the Tsunami disaster?

    • Are you sure you like Lotus? Because you forgot a very important name in the team's history. Drove (and only) for them in the 1960's

      A certain Jimmy Clark.

      If anyone should be considered the "Gold Standard" it's either Fangio, Jimmy or Mario Andretti.

      Fangio because he managed To win five WDC with FIVE different teams!

      Jimmy because ask most drivers who the concider the best his name is sure to pop up (the only foreigen driver that AJ Foyt will even compliement). His skills at the wheel are amazing even: https://youtube.com/watch?v=UfVAviHqXtg

      Mario Andretti because he has comopeted at the highest level at all forms of racing he has done and still wants to race even though he is now 66. The Le Mans 24 is the only trophy missing for him!

    • EXCELLENT someone with a idea of what the sport was and should be about.
      WELL SAID .

    • "when drivers were real men"

      You honestly think Jackie, Stirling, Graeme Hill and the like were anywhere near the level of fitness as todays drivers? No they were from a more ammeter era, turn up for a race and that was pretty much it. Now the drivers have fitness trainers and testdays all year round, they have to be at the peak of the physical abilities to drive the current F1 cars.

      Sorry but you really need to take of the rose tinted glasses when looking back.

      And as for not cheating, you having a laugh right? Drivers were constantly knocking each other off the road in the 60's and early 70's.

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      • Oh, and I will withdraw the "real men" line and replace it with "real people". The "coddled superstar of today" part still holds true however.

        If all they did was show up and drive, then that gives their performance even more credibility, as it was up to them to be ready to win.

      • Fitness has nothing to do with it. Neither does top speed or highest lap speed. I am talking about actual *racing* as opposed to high speed parade laps. Having a personal trainer on call 24 hours a day does not make you a better man. Nor does a team of 250 handling the needs of the cars and driver .

        As for cheating, I did say "yes" it happened. But it was not as pervasive as it is today. I could go on about teams using banned aids ranging from ABS to traction control (over the years) at different times and back it up with broadcast video footage from the races. (I worked in the states for Speedvision back in the day)

        A medicore car today means mediocre (at best) results. Go back a few (ok a bunch) years and see what a spirited and talented driver did with that medicore car.

        I freely admit my glasses might be a bit rose colored, but it is only because I feel the modern sport is suffering greatly at the hands of those in charge.