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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 12, 2006 05:10 Flag

    schumi the greatest ever

    schumacher had alot of luck in races not to mention the best car and a team mate as a slave,most of his overtaking was in the pit lane and not on track the guy has cheated and crashed his way into the record books and it is disgusting to consider him better than senna,piquet,fangio,ascari,prost,mansell,rosberg,andretti, and lauda.
    even with 7 championships the results dont tell the truth as he was never a gentleman driver as many of the others above were and still are as they drove with morals and would never consider parking there car on the track at monaco.

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    • He's a winner!! The type of drivers you describe, are called LOOSERS!! Senna was another great and he didn't mess about with gentelman's conduct!! This is F1 racing mate, not classical music!
      You do not win 7 world title without being something very different from the rest and without talent, dedication and grit.
      Look at him at 37, he dismounts after a gruelling race and he's as fresh as a daisy, look at his much younger rivals, exausted, unfit and obviously not as dedicated as they should be, that's why he's won as much as he has and will remain the bench mark for all future F1 drivers.
      He wasn't interested in being extrovert, loud or popular! He was in it for winning and winning he did.
      People like you make me laugh, the car was superior, he bullied his team mates, what a load of #$%$!
      With Benneton he won two world titles with a much inferior car than Williams, he won a GP with the car stuck in 5th gear for half of the race, he started 16th and cut through the field to win, with Ferrari he took the helm of a car that was like a tractor for two years and he stil managed to win races, in 1999 he injured himself at Silverstone and what did his team mate do? Sod all, because like all other, he wasn't a Shumacher, just a good driver.
      Green with envy, that's what you and loads of other incompetents are!!

    • maverick and gwilson! you two shut up! you are both #$%$! wake up men! you just envy schumi because he is the best and also one of the richest men in sports! next only to Tiger Woods. Stop those nonsense comments! 99.98 percent of people here likes schumi, you are alone here men! shame on you.