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  • Damian Damian Apr 20, 2007 21:48 Flag

    schumi the greatest ever

    Schumacher is a great for sure, but definately not the greatest. Not even the greatest German driver.....think Rudolf Caracciola.

    I don't think you can judge the best simply by looking at their records like race wins etc. it has to be remembered that drivers compete in more grand prix now than they used to, also the life expectancy is a lot longer.

    I think Schumacher would have thrived in most eras of Grand Prix and probably the greats from the past would have excelled in the current era.

    Just one more thing, i can't understand why some people use this site to spout a torrent of abuse at one another....all you succeed in doing is making yourself look dull. By all means disagree with what someone has written, but if you write more coherently you may get a few more people to agree with your point.