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  • Casran H Casran H Apr 2, 2007 08:05 Flag

    schumi the greatest ever

    If nothing is to be remembered about schumacher, I only remind my feelings when he had no chance to win the championship in Brazil last year. He showed what a master he was.For his last race, he showed everything, rage, audacity, ferociousness, will to win.
    I really don't like Alonso at all, but I think he's made of the same thing as Schu! A winning alloy! I understand people who dislike schumacher, because I just have the same feeling about alonso. How could anyone like a guy like this, but opinions are free and he has guts. Anyway Formula one for me will no longer be the same. I really hope we'll find a new hero this year. This role seems to fit to little hamilton. I would like also to see Bourdais in a top team. this could be funny.

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    • I still think Shumi is still the ex-best driver in the world...he is 37 years old(An old man) and giving us a great viewing experience in his last drive in Brazil....and wad happen to those who is younger than him on dat day when Shumi was 22nd and Massa nearly lapped him at da time dat Fisi punctured Shumi rear rubber......? did anyone remember him how he crazilly drive his car to win when everyone shitting out to drive fast in da RAIN......?? i think everyone FORGOT already...

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      • When you mention soccer we all think of Maradona, when you mention basketball we all think of Michel Jordan and when it comes to F1 we all think only Schumi. F1 fan grow due to Schumi and they will remain as F1 fan because of Schumi. And other fans are there only to see if anyone else can outdo Schumi. If one can outdo Schumi, it wont be in near furture and by then we would have lost the F1 fans.