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  • john john Apr 19, 2007 05:09 Flag

    schumi the greatest ever

    Ayrton - Ayrton - Ayrton - Shumacher would have won at least two less championship if Ayrton hadn't killed himself. Have you ever seen footage of Schumacer on the podium after Senna's death not even a hint of respect

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    • I'm as big of a fan of Senna as you, but from the timeline, F1 didn't make public the news about Senna's death until almost 2 hours after the race. Either way, they didn't do the champagne spray on the podium out of respect for Roland Ratzenberger's death.

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      • V. Good point. Strange how that weekend is ONLY remembered for Senna's death yet someone had died the day before. It's also really astounding how some people who are clueless start picking on certain things to twist them to their advantage ie. gentleman two places above saying that there was not a hint of respect shown by Sch to Senna?????????

        You plum, I guess you never read about the reports of Schu crying his eyeballs out behind the scenes or did you forget the time he broke down in the press conference when he was asked how it felt to have broken one of Senna's records.

      • Yeah Sid watkins had managed to keep Ayrtons heart ticking over but knew that there was no hope for him. They could have let him die at the scene but they kept him alive artificaily. I'm fairly sure that anybody who saw that crash and the clear up would have known that he was not going to make it. Micheal Had the best seat in the house for that.