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  • McCarthief McCarthief Nov 10, 2006 23:45 Flag

    Other Greats

    I'm not sure about the rest of you but I'm tired about hearing arguements over who's greater: Senna or Schumi.

    What about Fangio, Sir Stirling Moss, Sir Jack Brabham, Jim Clark, Dan Gurney, Sir Jackie Stewart, Niki Luda, Commendatore Mario Andretti, Nelson Piquet snr and Alain Prost. Surely these men are just as great as Senna and Schumi - one or two might even be greater!

    Look them up

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    • there also are drivers who never won a tittle (bad cars/teams/luck) who were considered good like that German driver(sorry I can't remember his name)

    • Jim Clark was the greatest and most natural driver ever. Who else in F1 has been dead last and lapped by the whole field, to come out of the pits having had repairs, completely unlap himself and then... wait for it, overtake the whole field AGAIN, to go on to win the race? The guy was incredible.

      The only driver close to this most gifted of all was Juan Manuel Fangio. Stirling Moss was also amazing but equally unlucky not to win a World Championship. Mansell had his moments of greatness beating Senna in straight fights on many occasions. Senna was a fantastic driver but a bully, rather like Schumacher in many respects. Prost had the better part of Schmucker in that he was a hell of a tactician. Gilles Villeneuve was ten times better than his son. Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart must be up there too. And the frenchman Francois Cevert was quite a talent before his untimely death.

      It's worth remembering that most of these chaps were true gentlemen too, racing hard but fairly, (Senna and Schumacher not included).

    • Good point ling_gongji .well said.

    • I agree that there are some greats of F1 from the past. It annoys me, all this Shoomakker rubbish - He's a CHEAT.

      We should be discussing comparisons between the old school racers, Senna, and the great Alonso who is just at the start of his career and is already looking like a record breaker.

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      • Nice to see there are others who see through Schmucker's thin veil of honesty. He had no integrity as a driver and for that reason before all others, he comes nowhere near the top of the list of F1 greats. Indeed, I would put Damon Hill up there ahead of him on pure speed.

      • What's annoying me is that everyone either goes:

        OFG!!!!SENNA 4EVA!!!!11
        SENNA WAS SH*T!!1 SCHUMI!!!

        I know that the common excuse is: well I've only been watching F1 from [insert year], that's before my time. I've been watching it since a day before my fifth b-day (Senna died that day). It was only in 2005 that I started looking into the past and...some of those guys can run circles arround Senna, Schumi and Alonso with about breaking a sweat.

        I must admit I woyuld put my students loan on Jim Clark beating any driver he was put against.

    • They are all Great!!! Don't forget Gilles Villeneuve, Enzo said he was the greatest.