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  • tim tim Dec 22, 2006 08:24 Flag

    Is Max Mosley becoming too much like a 'Stalin' figure in Formula 1?

    With his latest threat against the GPDA, along with a history of, in my opinion, forcing through rule changes that suit him and no one else, has Max Mosley become more of a 'stalinist' figure in F1, forcing people to play his game or face the consequences he decides they should face?


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    • Perhaps Max should be given a ride in the Minardi 2 seater with a 'controlled' tyre blowout to be able to speak with authority on track safety, Testing times have fewer marshals and it's where most miles are covered, added to the fact that testing is high speed into the unknown... Time again for him to Listen to the Drivers.

    • Max always gets a hard time from onlookers outside the sport. But he is right to say that there should be just one body of experts at the helm. The thing about driving is that it is an assessment of risk by the driver. No driver with any sense approaches Lowes hairpin at Monaco at the speed they'd approach Parabolica at Monza. The driver needs to adjust to the different circumstances continually and yes, it involves risk. That's what makes the whole thing exciting enough to be a spectator sport!

      The biggest increase in safety comes about with improvements in car design and driver protection. Completely eliminating hazards from the circuit would mean we need about 18 new circuits designed on flat desert with no spectators or pits! We'd all be watching on tv and the cameras would all be mounted in helicopters.

      One other point I feel is worth making is that most of the drivers want there job to be as easy as possible: it's human nature.