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  • McCarthief McCarthief Jan 9, 2007 12:44 Flag

    F1 Racing Genius

    Can I point out that Senna did see Schumi as the next big driver before his death. He knew what no-one else would realized until later.

    The problem with the Monaco (2006 we've only just got into 2007!) event was that to many it seemed to convientant (he would get pole and Alonso (and anyone else on a hot lap) would have been penalized if they didn't obey the yellow flags) and when you watch replays of his driving up to that point it seems very (and I'm mean very) sloppy for one of the best drivers in the world.

    The lack of effort that he used to stop the car from heading towards the barrier except when it was about to touch it also set off alarm bells to many people in the paddock. If it had hit the barrier ("and knocked off the nose." to quote Sir Jackie Stewart) it wouldn't have been invetigated by the marshals and that would have been that. But he didn't hit the barrier and, as they say, the rest is history.

    If Alonso or any other driver had done the exact same thing as Schumi did there then it would have had the EXACT same outcome.

    The only problem I really have with Schumi is how through everything that has happened he has never appolgised for many of the scandles that have surrounded him (it's only been after he's retired that he has 'regreted' shunting Jacque. Why didn't he say that during the Winter break after that season?). If had said something like: "Look I'm sorry about this BUT it's up to you whether I'm actually guilty or not." then I think that would appeased many fans.

    Sometimes all people were after was something like that.

    I won't comment on the Damon inccident as although I watched that season I was a tad young (Senna died (and I can tell you exactly how my dad reacted) the day before my 6th birthday if you want me to put it in perspective).

    There has always been and always will be controversy in F1 but as long as some sort of appolgy comes from the antagonist (even if it's followed by an ever annoying 'but') then I will still love F1.

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    • I 'saw' Schumi on the day Senna died in 1994. From that day on, I've been a fan (of course Senna's demise contributes to it). As I see it, Schumi's refusal to entertain all the jibes about all his antiques has got something to do with his attitude towards the sport itself. He needs the focus, and considering the amount of focus he puts in, it leaves not much room for other things. Much like Senna in his heydays, all that matters is winning (at all costs) and that makes these two, Great Champions in their times. Look at all historical figures of the past, ie. Julius Cesar, A. Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Mussolini, Winston Churchill, Ben Johnson (?), Muhammad Ali, John McEnroe,....they're all the same in at least one aspect: the end justifies the means. Such is human nature. Along the way, people like us get entertained and people like JV, Montoya, Damon Hill get very annoyed.

    • I think Michael Schumacher is a great driver nonetheless. To be able to do what he's done in F1 requires a lot of genius and perseverence (and luck). Thus, to maintain it for such a long period of time inevitably requires some sacrifices and 'mistakes' and being a human being, he is not excepted from flaws. I accept this as the human part of a person. Nobody's perfect but if he is 'good' 95% of the time, then he should be good enough. Have you ever cheated in your whole life? I have, at times, but it doesn't necessarily make me a bad person.