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    why did alonso move to mclaren!!

    the same man who won 2 championship's with renault and the same car which has 1 of the best acceleration speed the best traction and the best of the start line and then moves to a team which has not done well in the last few years and struggling for points even if he has a good partner for 07 he still shouldnt of moved, even with the money mclaren offered him he would of been better staying at renault.

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    • SIMPLE: because renault payed him about 8 million and at Mclaren he gets about 35mill!!! It seems a clear situation to me no???

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      • I must admit that I was stunned when I heard that Alonso was leaving Renault, but when I heard that he was leaving for McLaren, then it made sense.

        It was a master move by McLaren and they will get back on top again because of it (along with the improvement of their cars - which is vital - and the improvement of Hamilton - which is assured) although it may take another year or two.

        He's making 3 times the money (after taxes).
        He has more freedom & respect.
        He found a challenge that interested him (winning again with another team).
        He has an understudy who has the ability to apply his learning towards a Championship of his own.

        It's good for the sport, good for McLaren, and bad for (the new ING-orange) Renault, which will be lucky to beat BMW-Sauber for 3rd in the Contructor's Battle (I don't see it happening).

        Alonso will win another Championship or two with McLaren although it may take another year or two (once again).

        The wild-card for McLaren is not Hamilton (he looks like a sure thing), or the improvement of the cars (also a sure thing). I believe that the true wild-card for McLaren is that Fernando has said he could easily retire after winning one more, and I can only believe that he has Senna in mind by making that statement.

    • You haven't aclue what you are talking about!
      Nothing to do with money ... its a challenge and he went for it. Schumacher went to Ferrari (from winning Benetton team) when they were nobodies and managed 7 championships.... F1 drivers nowadays have far too much money anyway, so it cannot be used for bait!.

    • Maybe he thought that Mclaren would be better, he may have 2 championships behind him that doesn't mean that the same team will give him more. Maybe he wanted to see what the other teams are like, when you get paid millions just for driving around for 50 or so laps and get sponsors as well.

    • There you go, he was second,where were the renaults? maybe renault were flattered by alonso,not the other way round. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alonso accepted the challenge. It's a hard challenge. But he is a very outstanding, after Michael Schumacher's retirement the only outstanding in F1 for me! Unfortunately for all Ferrari fans he'll make great McLaren...you'll see.....

      But............Ferrari always! ;-))

    • Two very simple reasons - he needed to get out from under Briatore's shadow, AND he needed the money, it was CRIMINAL his pay with Renualt and absolute joke. The majority of the rest of the paddock were earning more than him in 06, how embarassing - and to Renault it was a disgrace that they wouldn't pay enough to keep him. They truly showed their arrogance here, they thought it was the car, Alonso won in spite of the car! You just need to look at Fisi's results to see thats true! Alonso is as good as he seems and a fitting successor to Schumi!

    • Schumacher went to Ferrari when Ferrari were rubbish. It is the sign of a true champion to work with a team with potential and make them great and highlight true genius. If it works out he is a hero if it does not he is a zero, but at least he will be a really rich zero.

    • he needed new chalenges from a new team whats to say that renault might not pullout of f1

    • this is a great move for alonso. mclaren have never been out of the championship hunt for more than a season or so, renault have been at the top but cannot be guarenteed to stay there again. im sure the money was a big carrot but he seems to be a driver who wants to win and might drive for nothing as long as he could still win races.
      cant wait for the season to start and to see if he can keep up with lewis hamilton, ha.

    • For the money of course.

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