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    shame ferrari only got one driver

    kimi is only a car breaker not adriverr look at his last two seasons in a good car just not got the talent,massa is a true ferrari driver he works for the team and every one in it he has been groomed and taught by a real driver (shumi)he will rise and kimi will fall and probably ruin ferrari reliabilty by breaking cars COME ON MASSA save ferrari from the boy racer

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    • DAVE!You really are in the woods now rn't u?
      If the first two races are anything to go by, you really will collect the Oscar for sport crappolist of the year!!

    • Hi everyone... Just wanted to let you know dave.. that I think you are entirely wrong... Massa is not even near of becoming a WC.. He doesn't have what it takes, he only has a great car and some common sense... You say that Raikkonen is a car breaker? Massa has only speed... Ever since he has been in Ferrari, he has only proven that he has great speed, but not control whatsoever of the car... Last year he almost collided in 2 ocassions with Alonso and one last time with Raikkonen, this year he threw all the race to the side when he went out in that corner, trying to pass Hamilton and has once more proven that a Ferrari is too much of a car for him....

      As for Raikkonen, I completely disagree with you once more =P... 2 years ago he won as much GPs as Alonso, the only problem is that he had problems of concentration and that his car even though was the fastest... it wasn't the best... The car had a lot of problems... true he broke some engines, but it has been proven that the 80% of this broken engines, weren't Raikkonen's fault... Last year.... are you telling me that you think Raikkonen had a good car last year??? lol... hehehehe... no way... even Alonso sat in last year's Mclaren for his first tryout and as soon as he stepped out of the car, he said "Now I understand why Kimi didn't have any chance last year"... Mclaren's Last year's car was a joke to the brand...

      Sepang GP has proven 2 things... Ferrari is too much for Massa and the other one is that Kimi has proven that he has grown up a little bit... settling down for a 3rd place... 2 years ago he would have driven as fast as he could and probably broken up an engine... But instead he knew that his engine was having some problems and just settled down for a 3rd that was a good place....

      Bottom line... Your post title is true... "Shame Ferrari only got one driver"... but that driver is Kimi Raikkonen..
      cheers all! =P

    • I would like to know what gran-prixs your watch'n mate, But as things are at the moment unfortunatly, Lil kimi is out gun'n Massa at every race so far this season, I picked massa for this(M-G-Prix).The race and for pole, He got me the pole, But as for the race he's showed me very little in the way of think'n of him as a future world champion, The way massa let hamilton down along side of him, As well as letting alonso trough at the 1st turn was shock'n to say the least, I couldn't believe what i was look'n at it's an amateurs responce he made and one i was hope'n was well and truly gone out of him , But with him still in a strong 3rd place and have'n the legs on hamilton it seemed all he had to do was size him up on the straight use'n his extra speed while stick'n to hamiltons gearbox untill the straight, It's then with everything including a tow that he should have made his move? After he #$%$'d up lil kimi couldn't get next to near take'n hamiltons 2nd place which was a surprice concidering massa was all over him like a rash untill f..k'n up with his rookies move so early.........

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      • Yeah I kinda agree with you... I felt so sad to see Massa out to the gravel when he was making a move to pass Hamilton. I got the feeling that he would not be world champion in f-1. Since the last part of last season I had a strong feeling that he could be a world champion, but unfortunately... he didn't show it in the last race in Sepang...

        However, bravo Ferrari...

    • You are just dummy.have u ever watch F1 everthing can happen no matter how good is the driver or the team.Pls make it clear and don't blame Massa.Massa perfomance is the best in Melbourne.

      Best Driver

      Melbourne GP Felipe Massa
      Malaysia GP Kimi Raikkonen

      Ferrari you can do this

    • deary deary me, sorry dave ,but car breaking boy racer 1 true bred ferrari driver 0. thought you would keep the humble pie eating on hold did ya

    • Looks like the car held up to the driver in Melbourne.
      Raikonnen and the 248 blew away the field. How to describe it - awesome!
      Btw, Massa let the rookie McLaren driver get a podium.
      I forgive him to allow Alonso be ahead but Hamilton?
      There is your boy racer.

    • well the real problem is how many cars can the kimsta break,got to be honest i hate ferrari so it could by your declaration be a really great season.but i regret that you will be eating your words by season end, god i hope that im wrong..