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  • ...are stronger than the others. I think for the championship 2007 will be a beautiful fight between Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, with Felipe Massa behind these two outstandings.
    You think so?


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    • i agree but i dont think il count out the possible big contenders..like Massa, Heidfeld, and Hamilton...coz during the last race,i can see that though alonso is the number driver it will be a though race fro him specially when Hamilton always gets ahead of him...and the qualifying also shos that in no time Hamilton will be a great threat to Alonso...anyways bravo Ferrari and Kimi and Felipe...fantastic job!!Schumi is surely proud of his team...

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      • Ferrari looks like they can easily win the Constructor's Championship with Raikkonen & Massa.
        McLaren will take 2nd for 2 reasons: the superiority of the Ferrari cars over the McLaren cars & Hamilton's lack of experience.

        For the Driver's Championship, I can see Raikkonen & Massa on the Podium many times, along with Alonso.
        Raikkonen & Massa may steal points from each other to open it up for Alonso to sneak in & win it, but that would mean that McLaren would need to improve his car onto the same level as Ferrari has Raikkonen's & Massa's, and I don't know if Ferrari can be caught this season, although i do leave the door open for Alonso.

        I'm a Schumacher fan, and now a Raikkonen fan, so I grudgingly admit that Alonso is the best in the world (he deserves it). If McLaren can catch up in car development around the same time that Hamilton loses his peach fuzz, then we'll have a true battle for the Contructor's Title, and the Driver's Title would be even more exciting.

    • you are almost right..in todays race Alonso would have won easily if not for the blunder at the start, yes, these things happen but how long before the "good of the team," comes forth and puts the rookie in his place. The grass and gravel in the face of Alonso was not appreciated either I would imgine..the rookie will have a learning curve for sure, hopefully not to the expense of Alonso.

      Ferrari are good no dought about it and it is a toss up in the constructor which will be deterimined by the drivers, McL could have been 1 & 3 today instead of 2 & 3, both teams have excellelnt drivers as we all agree

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      • What kind of stupid planet are you living on. Mcl could have 1 & 3 and Alonso winning easily????????? Thats the most stupidiest thing I have ever heard. Clearly you didn't spot the Ferrari of Kimi then in the race; but of course he was streets ahead of Alonso & co by lap 1!

      • Alonso said ferrari was quicker and second is the best place he could take. If you consider Raikkonen and Fernando's fastest laps during the race there is one second of advantage for Ferrari number 6. 1'25"2 for Kimi and 1'26"3 for the spanish.
        I think it's very clear.
        If Massa had had no problem with gearbox in saturday he would have been in first line with Kimi and surely Ferrari would have obtained one-two. At the moment Ferrari is stronger than McLaren but I think McL is very reliable, Ferrari not so.

      • Alonso would not have won, Kimi had it sewn up from the start. Team orders probably gave the spaniard the 2nd place, he would have thrown his toys out of the pram if he had been beaten by Hamilton.

    • No Vito, MCL and Ferrari are so strong but I think Raikkonen has not the same experience in Ferrari as Massa. Experience is so important... when in a top team where the most important driver of the F1 history is out of games!
      Massa is cleaver, he will not leave the first seat to RAI only for RAI's backgroung (only fame, not victory)!

    • In testing both teams have looked good with Ferrari edging it. Whether its to do with the actual performance levels of the car or moreso with drivers we wont know until of course the racing starts. I've got a sneaky feeling the Mcl will prove unreliable in the first few races and that Massa will pose the strongest challenge at the beginning as he has looked right on form during the test runs.