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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 29, 2007 00:58 Flag

    Why nascar has a bigger following in US

    What do you mean by "based on current models?" Superficial resemblance? Chassis are different - front wheel versus rear wheel; engines are different - number of cylinders, how fuel is introduced - fuel injection versus carburetors.

    Just curious.

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    • the simplest explanation is probably that it is a homegrown sport and is therefore more popular here than F1 with its European roots. Just like American Football ad Baseball are more popular here than some other sports that are more popular elsewhere around the world. Plus, the cars being raced in NASCAR are the by the same manufacturers and have the same names as most people drive

    • The average american is too stupid to follow the nuances of f1 racing.

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      • That's so true! Some of us average Americans actually use lower AND upper case letters when we type! How stupid are we?!?

        Nice post bactgi! VERY constructive. But it's nice to know that you now must feel so superior to us average Americans.

        Have a nice day!

        Now, the reason NASCAR has a bigger following in the US than F1 is quite simple.
        - The vast majority of the F1 races occur outside North America, primarily in Europe
        - All but one of the F1 drivers is from outside the US
        - Almost all F1 races are televised at VERY late or early times
        - All NASCAR races are inside the US (for now)
        - All NASCAR races are televised during US prime TV watching hours
        - F1 has not been televised in the US for that many years, while NASCAR has been for at least a couple of decades

        I absolutely love F1, even the nuances! At the same time, I also enjoy the NASCAR races at the great tracks, like Bristol, the road courses, and others.

        There are several sports or activities that are similarly liked/disliked around the world. Aussie rules football. Why is it more popular in Australia than say Baseball? It's obviously a domestic based sport, same as NASCAR.

        Anyway, here comes Malaysia! And yes, I will be up watching it, but I will luckily be in the UK instead of the east coast of the US, so I can watch it over breakfast instead of at Midnight!

      • I have been following F1 since 1966 and I can tell you
        that F1 has become extremely boring. I have books, videos, DVDs, prints and 86 1/18 replicas of F1 cars. As someone said overtake is done in the pit stop. That's ridiculous.
        As for the stupid Americans, I believe it is a tremendous stupidity to call people stupid regardless of nationality. We are talking about car racing there is no need for that, it was totaly unnecessary. Please be smart and apologize to the Americans.

      • You are right, in addition they enjoy the collisions so frequent in NASCAR. But also they don't like road courses only a handful reces in NASCAR are road courses (The Glen, Infinion and I can't think of another race)

        Ovals are something that they like because you can see most of the action, in road courses you see only the section of the race that is in your line of sight.

      • Watching F1 is boring...They need to level the playing field so the winner isnt known BEFORE the race is won....If F1 wants more american interest make it more interestng...I see no advertisements for F1 here in america and it is only on pay to watch channels on TV...Its just not very accesible here in the states unless you look it up....But the bottom line is to let the best driver win the race not the 2 teams with all the money

      • how can americans be stupid? there humans the same as us. we like F1, touring car formula ford etc thats our national sports competed in the uk while the US have nascar, cart, indycar and others. its like trying to ask why the uk never watch american football? cos we have football, rugby etc. so people stop the whining get a grip of ursels and enjoy motorsport cos im sick to death of hearing u net nerds who are on the internet 24/7 complaing about the outside world. do us all a favor get off ur fat asses and take a walk off a cliff because u are really boring me. catchya

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    • The cars have to meet a strict tech inspection which includes the shape of the car which is checked by a number of templates which are palced on the car. There is a set of templates for each model.

      You can go out and buy a Chevy Monte Carlo SS, a Chevy Impala SS, Dodge Charger, Dodge Advenger, Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry. All those models are used in Nextel Cup.

    • I have been a fan of both types of racing for years. I agree with so many that F1 has got boring.

      It the past few years, Michael Schumacher or Alonso were winning all the time. It seems like F1 is a competition of cars not of racers. The team who win at the end will be one of the teams with the biggest bank balance. Here in England, we based our hopes for the past few years on Jenson Button, and if he had an equal car as people like Alonso, then we would see, like NASCAR, a test of driver.

      At the end of a NASCAR race, you find the best driver on the day. As a result, the winner at the end of the season is the best driver through that season. You cant always say that about F1. I think Americans would get interested in F1 as long as it offered as much of an adrenaline rush as NASCAR does, until we can offer a race that is as fun to watch, we have no chance.

    • NASCAR started in the U.S. after WW II as "stock car racing". It was, and still is, popular at local levels, is inexpensive to attend, and has local participants. NASCAR is the major league of this local racing attraction. Open wheel racing (including Indy Car) is less visible locally. Consequently children grow up watching NASCAR rather then Formula 1, or even Indy car.