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  • G G Apr 10, 2007 14:39 Flag

    Why nascar has a bigger following in US

    If F-1 was even a 10th as exciting as the two open wheel racing series in America, maybe they might get someone to at least Notice F-1 in This country. What Americans DON'T like about F-1 is the stupid politics and back -biting that goes with the "elite" racing series.
    There's an even wider gap between the haves and have-nots in F-1 than ever before,rude "pilots" that one can't ever approach,because they're 'Special", And Bernie's and FIA's decision to not handle the tire issue at Indy in a manner to assure that the fans received the best possible show for their ticket prices, and the bad press that went along with it ,friendly to the fans, alienated even some of the few real F-1 fans that were on this side of the ocean.
    What NASCAR has done is clearly put the fan's enjoyment and the whole experience at the track as their number one priority. Drivers are personable,and available, you can get near the cars and teams, and there's usually not one driver with a 36 second lead by lap 12.
    Champ car puts on Grand Prix festivals now not just auto races. Both champ car and IRL are becoming more exciting and more attuned to the fans "experience" something Bernie and his cronies will never learn.
    I shoot a lot of racing of all kinds and trust me, F-1 just doesn't get it.