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  • Govinda Govinda Apr 7, 2007 13:18 Flag

    Why nascar has a bigger following in US

    Yeah and American Football is also much bigger in the US. It is easier to follow at least you do not have to concetrate on 45 minutes of action at a time with some times only 1 or 2 goals (if that many). And in the NFL a three touchdown effort gets 21 points (assuming the EPA is good) so a 3-1 victory reads like 21-7. A lot more scoring that way. In addition you get three to four hours between the begginning of the game and the end instead of one hour fourty five. And the drinks they serve are bigger and there are nacho's with cheese and hot dogs and cheerleaders.
    And the game is only 4x15 minutes with many breaks so the players don't have to be fit which means an even larger talent pool to draw from.

    Soccer has none of that and the rest of the world just does not get it.

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