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  • turbo turbo Apr 16, 2007 01:43 Flag

    Whats Wrong at Honda?

    I had a year 2000 prelude 2.2vti very good(not enough headrooom), always wanted a Integra type-r, not enough dosh. S2000 has or soon to be had one of the best gear changes in the world.
    Honda with Senna and prost.

    As I have never liked German cars (nice country and people though), honda has always given good drivers cars with enginnering the equal of porsche etc.

    Look where we are now, they seamed to have made the new civic type - r worse than the old one. The S2000 is ending production soon. Theu dont seem to care about maling genuine performance cars anymore, the Nsx replacment seems to be light years away. Honda have never made the integra DC5 and offical UK car, and to get to my point they seem to have dropped the proverbial ball this F1 season.

    What has gone wrong at Honda?