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  • I totally agree that returning F1 to a no-fuel-stop, wider slick tyres and broader mechanically grippy car spec would definately improve the racing. Difficulty is though, that some of these rule changes would necessitate collosal and hugely expensive changes to the fabric of how an F1 car is built. The teams will be unwilling to do this and there is also a safety conern. Don't forget '94, when the banning of driver aids to improve racing had a distrous short-term impact on the stability of the cars and arguably contributed to the deaths at Imola. A good staring point would be for the FIA to acknowledge that mechnaical grip must be favoured over aero-grip and gradually reduce the amount of top-side aero devices allowed. At the same time bring back 15.5 inch slick tyres and turbo engines. Turbo's use less fuel, are not expensive in the way they once were and the variations in boost level would provide exciting overtaking opportunites. Couple that with a return to wider cars, which would enhance mechanical grip and pave the way for eliminating fuel stops (by allowing bigger fuel cells) and you would have laid the groundwork for a truly exciting F1. Sadly the above would take at least five seasons to phase in and the teams would resist. But who knows maybe Bernie will stop counting his money long enough to see the light and then Mosley will tow the line! PS Circuit rotation is a fine idea!

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    • To me, if the cars were all fuelled the same at the start i.e. full, that the only time you had to pit was when the tyres had 'gone off' makes so much sense.
      Then, would the drivers risk running worn tyres or have to pit for new ones.
      This would end the horrible 'strategy' mind games where fuel levels and overtaking in the pits decides races rather than wheel to wheel action.

    • Take away a lot of the aerodydamics, get the driver to drive. I am sure there must be at least 22 London cabbies available.

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      • and...back to no traction-control please
        go on youtube, and look at cockpit videos of Senna, Prost, Mansell, and now look at modern ones...
        Gotta give power back in the drivers hands, and not on million-dollar computer systems.

        First ones interested in such things are pilots by the way.

        Is it true traction control is out next year?