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  • Oh really chaps. I can't let you get away with this. Some of these comments sound like a stuck record from the Schumacher era when he drove away from the field and the races really WERE boring and no-one overtook except via pit stops.

    Did you actually watch the Bahrain race and take in what was happening? It was fantastic. Rookie Hamilton pushing the Ferraris, Heidfeld passing Alonso, a great midfield scrap with the Toyotas, Williams, Red Bulls and Renaults, DC tearing through the field, lots of overtaking. The most open championship for years, 4 or 5 drivers in with a chance and no team favourites!

    And I'm not a starry eyed newcomer to F1, I've watched every race since 1985. Certainly that was a great era with Mansell, Prost, Senna and Piquet but as ever there were fast cars and slow cars. Even those great drivers couldn't win in a slow car. I do agree that most of the electronic aids should be dropped and whilst it would be fascinating to put all drivers in identical cars like A1GP that wouldn't be F1...

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    • Whilst i agree that the Bahrain Grand Prix was the best for a while and certainly Nick Heidfeld is one of the most underrated drivers in a long time, the racing just isn't as 'raw' as it used to be.

      With regard to 'inconvenientlyhere' I can remember Senna 'winning' the '84 Monaco Grand Prix in a Toleman, the Brazilian Grand Prix in a McLaren stuck in 5th gear on slick tyres in drizzle and had reliability not intervened he would have won the World Championship in a Lotus in '86 ! I also remember Mansell literally fighting his way to a win in a Ferrari and so on.....it just all seems a little too sanitised now, too methodical, less seat of the pants.

      I definately think that manual geaboxes should be reintroduced (and no lights to tell the driver when to change gear), slick tyres, turbos, cut out the refuelling and drastically reduse the use of electronic aids, surely this would also make it cheaper to run an F1 team as they would need to spend less on telemetry and electronic gadgets and encourage more competition, what do you guys think?

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      • The power of the cars NEEDS to increase. I mean V8 engines when there are racing series out there that use V12's????? Sure, other factors make F1 cars fast on a track, but turbo's and slicks have to make a come back. Don't mind the refuelling too much, just the rubbish third part to qualifying where you never know who is carrying what fuel loads. Scrap that altogether as we just want to see who's the fastest under one lap.

      • Good post darbsk, I do agree with what you say. Looking even further back there were drivers like Moss doing the same thing, winning races in inferior cars. But in those days even the best cars had deficiencies and didn't handle that well, so there was more scope for the good driver to wrestle the car round the track and make the difference. Nowadays the factories full of boffins produce near-perfect cars so the differences between the drivers are less apparent. You can only tell by comparing team mates.

        And where better than at McLaren. Alonso is a super efficient driver who has destroyed all his previous team mates including Fisi, but has now come up against Hamilton who is already showing signs of being a true great. Lewis seems capable of getting more out of the car by instinctively taking it closer to the edge of the performance envelope.

        So for me at least this season will not be boring at all, we have at least one "seat of the pants" driver in Hamilton, and some of the other rookies seem to have the right stuff too e.g. Kubica and Rosberg (any other nominations?) Do away with the driver aids, get back on slicks and we could just be at the start of a new golden era.