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  • Qualifying still needs some work. Q3 is untterly pointless, usually reflecting who wants to make the shortest opening stint.

    And you will never have overtaking unless the cars have very similar abilities. If a car is fast, it should qualify at the front of the grid and then pull away from all of the slower cars.

    The way to even out the cars (and reduce development costs) is to use success ballast - introduce a handicap. Constructors would then be less likely to spend millions of dollars to gain an extra second, when they'll lose the advantage after winning just one race!

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    • why not make every driver submit in an FIA sealed enevelope his starting race fuel level if he makes it into the top ten shootout

      in q3 each driver has to set 2 timed laps or go to the back of the grid

      after the session ends the FIA can supervise the addition of fuel(easily checkable by weight) as the cars are impounded anyway

      this way we see who truly is fastest out there and we go back to having the quickest man on pole so pole means something again

      and as for the argument of sucess ballast with a modern car its technically dangerous to add ballast s the car has been designed to race at 600kg with balanced fuel consumption

      to introduce ballast would alter the symmetry and centre of gravity and basically fundamentaly need the cars to be re-designed as most teams would opt for a longer wheelbase chassis