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  • Kimmarie Kimmarie Apr 19, 2007 05:01 Flag


    Because he was raised on Team McLaren and knows nothing else, of course he is confident. He knows the car and the team from the inside out. He has had McLaren as a support system since he was 9 years old. He could probably drive it with his eyes closed. Remove him from McLaren and put him in a Super Augri and see what happens. He may still end up on the poduim, but who knows, we have nothing to compare recent history to. Give the boy time.

    Also, one of the references that I made, "driving the car until the wheels crumbled", was Kimi Raikkonen. So, yes those drivers do exist. It is just too soon to tell if the Lewis is one of them. I have been eagerly awaiting his arrival to F1 as a fan of 20 years and as black woman. Yes, I mentioned the taboo word. And even though I think that he is fantastic, I think everyone is putting the cart before the horse, because McLaren has not shown enough reliablity of late for him to be World Champion. No dreams here.