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  • Spoonthumb Spoonthumb Apr 19, 2007 14:45 Flag


    Hamilton has had a dream start to his F1 career and will have a few more podiums before the season is over. How many other rookies would have had podiums sat in a top car? A few i think. He is under no pressure at the moment but he will be as expectations rise and it will be at that point we will see what he is really made of. Consistency under pressure is key to this and most sports so only time will tell. Does he have the ability to put a team like Sauber on the podium? To give him credit though, Mclaren are no fools and wouldn't have him in their team if he was not an excellent driver. Good luck to him.

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    • And THATS the true hall marks of a 'Legend' or 'One of the Greatest Ever'. Winning races they're not supposed to, winning in good and average cars and in ALL conditions, building a complete team/s around you and blowing the competition away. Let's see if Hamilton can do what he is doing in a BMW or Williams. Put Nico Roseberg in a McLaren and I'm sure you'd have got the same set of results that Hamilton's had. So nuff said about his so called 'GREAT STATUS' in F1.