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  • Isn't a bit disturbing that he has been groomed since he was 12. Is the rest of F1 now going to mimick all the other sport that start to produce the 'players' at a very young level - all credit to the lad for what he's done - but I just think it's a going to be production line - like tennis.

    He's a walking product, an advertisers dream - no skeletons, clean, well spoken and says all the right things.

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    • You should consider that great champions are born not created on a production line. Look across the years spanning different sports - Think of Boris Becker, Wimbledon Champion at 17 years of age, almost all real champions excel at a young age. Full marks to Lewis Hamilton for a marvellous start. The media and everyone else should let him get on with it and support him along the way.

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      • I get what you're saying, jamesedwardmills, but I believe you just made the point that teafcby was trying to underscore. Formula One is not like other team or individual sports, so it's difficult compare it to something like tennis. If you recall, there was much dispute in 2000-2001 as to whether Kimi Raikkonen should be issued a superlicence . His age and relative lack of experience gave the the FIA much cause for concern. (I believe he was 20 at the time) . Maturity (both mental and chronological) is a factor in the success of any F1 pilot. That is why Fernando Alonso is such as stand out, being the youngest ever to win a championship. Speaking of Alonso (remember him? LOL): He's a back to back world champion and a fantastic driver. But not even he should be compared to Mansell, Prost, Stewart, etc. just yet. As far as ANYONE being likened to Juan Manuel Fangio or Ayrton Senna da Silva .... Let's just say, I hope to so see another driver of that caliber in my lifetime. I won't hold my breath.