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  • Kimmarie Kimmarie Apr 21, 2007 00:24 Flag


    YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT MIZ_KIM!!!!! As I have been saying in every post it is too soon, give him time. I also agree with the gentleman who said that history will judge him. He has a whole career ahead of him.

    Vito, as for Kimi Raikkonen, I would not worry. Ferrari knows what they have and he seems to be happier and more involved than with any other team. I think that he has and will surprise all of his critics and we will see what he is really made of. Right now he seems to be keeping his head about him and driving with a lot of intellegence. Which no one has every given him credit for before. He has raw speed, fearlessness, experience, team support and finally a car the actually works on his side.

    We are three races in, I think that we should all sit back and chill and let the season unfold. Enjoy!!!!