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  • davee the rave davee the rave Apr 26, 2007 04:27 Flag


    two points

    first the v8 engines of today are far more finly tuned and far more driveable than the v10 and v12 eras meaning in basic terms that the power difference might be 200bhp less but the extraction from the engine is not disimaliar in outright performance

    two aerodynamic efficency in terms of the reduction of drag against the production of downforce has been greatly improved and greatly reduced meaning a corner taken at 140mph can now be taken at 150mph

    the skill of being able to finely balance a twitchy aerodynamic car on the apex of a corner whilist trying to extract the correct amount of engine power is the skill that has been lost because the modern grand prix cars are too efficent and driveable

    coupled with traction control this is why a lot less drivers have lurid slides mid-corner because the cars are so much more stable enabling them to go far faster in the corners which is where the 5-10 seconds come from