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  • T, Ferguson T, Ferguson Apr 21, 2007 09:48 Flag

    2007 USGP

    I have gone every year but one. As an avid F1 fan I have been to many venues around the world and I have to say from a pure racing spectacle point, it is one of my favorites. Indy is one of the few tracks in the world whereas you can walk the infield to view different parts of the track. Most tracks leave you in spots outside the track and limit your perspective of the race, but Indy gives you the ability to literally see every part of this world famous race venue. As for the "event", it does not compare to the likes of Montreal or Monaco. There is really not much to do in Indianapolis and doesn't have the allure of some of the other cities that host the event. The "action" around town lives little to be desired, but for the race purest, Indy as a track, is probably one of the best for spectators. I am not stating anything about track design or race itself, only that this venue offers a great place to see as much as you can possibly see at a F1 event. Hope this helps.