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  • J. Wood J. Wood Apr 23, 2007 22:07 Flag

    2007 USGP

    The previos message was so correct. I've been to every race including the '05 "non race". Make sure you get there early on Thursday. On Thursday you can actually walk around the pits (they've done it the last 2 years)and see the teams up close. Other things to see are certainly the museum and it's a lot of fun to see practice from all different areas ( Indy 500 turn 1, the middle of the front straight - see pit action - ear plags!!, turn 1 - J or H stand, turn 6 , on the grass mounds after the short straight, stands in back of the museum, etc. All give different perspectives and the cars are all at differnt speeds. amazing place! Drink yourself a Foster and eat some fried pork tenderloin. The action is huge at the track but not so great in town. During practice and qualifying if you hang out in the infield where the bands play there is VIP access next to the "tower" at the Pagota (sp?). If you're lucky you'll see old F1 drivers walk by, Indy car, Champ car and some celebs.