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  • A Yahoo! User May 1, 2007 16:03 Flag

    Another race in the Middle East ??

    A lot of tracks don't want a Grand Prix as they don't make money. Circuits have to pay a sanctioning fee to the Poison Dwarf (Berni Ecclestone) of varying amounts depending on how much he likes the circuit. There is also the track licence fee payable to the FIA and the costs of keeping the circuit upto F1 standards. I know that Silverstone just about breaks even with the Grand Prix and only then that is due to various sponsorship deals. Why would Zandvort want a GP when it has A1 which in my opinion is better.

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    • I understand. The fees for these events have become unreasonable, to the point that an owner of a venue has to speculate of profitablity, when they are charging exceptionally large ticket prices to attend,... while relying on sponsers to fill the gap,... that result in ridiculous concession prices. All from the same "Poison Dwarf" that is ruining the sport with ideas, that are suppose to, reduce the cost to teams....ie...one tire for a complete race....yeah a savings of about $10,000 while you jepordize the saftey of the driver and put more millions in your pocket.

      Regarding Zandvort....I have never really followed the A1 series, but I would imagine it would make more sense, especially if they don't have the high fees and can see a profit. My only point is that the sport need to consider it's fan base and attend to the fans, not to sport, lest they lose the fan base......that in my opinion is already waining.

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      • I'm all in favour of new circuits wherever they are, as I think it provides a new challenge for the drivers and a new reason for fans to watch on TV (I know it may disappoint those who actually go- to the race, but far more watch on tv round the world). I agree that Bernie is too focussed on the money and not the racing, but at least he's now trying to get 20 races on the calendar - personally I think we could easily have 22 if it's done every fortnight instead of random 3-week breaks here there and everywhere.

        The teams are all owned or supported by manufacturers with big budgets and massive engineering operations now so dont really need 3 months off to develop the new car surely?!

        One place I think we DEFINITELY need a race more than anywhere else is in Africa - it cant be a WORLD championship if there's a whole continent missd out! I'm sure South Africa or somewhere like Egypt or Morocco could put on a street race, if not a circuit race...