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  • AndrewC AndrewC May 3, 2007 03:00 Flag

    Another race in the Middle East ??

    I'm all in favour of new circuits wherever they are, as I think it provides a new challenge for the drivers and a new reason for fans to watch on TV (I know it may disappoint those who actually go- to the race, but far more watch on tv round the world). I agree that Bernie is too focussed on the money and not the racing, but at least he's now trying to get 20 races on the calendar - personally I think we could easily have 22 if it's done every fortnight instead of random 3-week breaks here there and everywhere.

    The teams are all owned or supported by manufacturers with big budgets and massive engineering operations now so dont really need 3 months off to develop the new car surely?!

    One place I think we DEFINITELY need a race more than anywhere else is in Africa - it cant be a WORLD championship if there's a whole continent missd out! I'm sure South Africa or somewhere like Egypt or Morocco could put on a street race, if not a circuit race...