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  • A Yahoo! User May 12, 2007 15:16 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    All of you that are praising Schumacher as the best driver ever in motorsport are all wrong. You can never say who was the best ever as there are too many differant forms of the sport. Also you cannot compare drivers from differant eras. How can you compare Schumacher to John Surtees? They drove and won in differant eras with differant tracks, cars and points systems. Another reason why I count him out as the best ever is he never raced on an oval.

    As far as the modern era is concerned, statiscally he is the best but it takes more that stats to make a great driver. He is the only driver in the history of the Drivers World Championship to be excluded from the championship for dangerous driving. That act alone excludes him from being the best of the modern era. While I have met him and like him as a person I couldn't trust him as a driver to obey flag signals. When he went off at Silverstone and broke his leg the red flags had been out for a number of seconds and he should have obeyed them. Again another mark against him. If I was marshalling and Schumacher was on track I would keep an extra careful eye on him as I didn't trust him to obey the rules if I trackside dealing with an incident.

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