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  • lamont m lamont m Sep 1, 2007 08:40 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    I'm sorry Haitham, you wrote that Alonso defeated Schumi "immediately?" Ummmm lets review shall we? Alonso entered the F1 landscape in '03 as a Renault boy and got beat that year by Michael, as well as Schumi's unrivalled '04 campaign to yet another title!! Then finally in '05 Ferrari defeated Schumi....yep u read it correct Ferrari. Had they built a better car than they did, he would have been more than 3rd in the drivers points! He had a shitty car and still came 3rd that year! Where did Rubens place that year? I think 6th or 7th, in the same car!! Schumi in that alone showed his resolve and greatness!!! In 2006 the cars were performance wise equal but the ferrari was'nt as reliable. But i'll give the devil his due, Alonso won!! But only after Schumi fought his way back after being down by 25pts after Canada! All hail king Schumi!