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  • tt tt Sep 23, 2007 21:04 Flag

    Can Schumacher ever be replaced?

    Hamiltion will beat the Kraut hands down? You gotta love your emotion-free pure technical analysis.... But even you see the necessity of Hamiltion having a great car - well, the thing is though - Schumacher 'made' his cars - they were not handed to him. Ferrari did not have a win in several seasons when he joined them.... Hamilton is good, but hey this personality free sob-story was groomed by Mercedes since his early teens.... what do you expect? Put Rosberg or Vettel in a McLaren and they'd probably do as good as Hamilton.... especially now that Alonso does not have to share his setup info with young Lewis anymore...... Alonso beat the pants off the 'prodigy' ever since.

    Look, I think one day somebody might come along and break the records...EVERY record has been broken....but if this season has proven anything.... Schumacher was the ONLY guy out there driving "beyond" his car.... Alonso doesn't, Hamilton doesn't, Raikonnen for sure doesn't....